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Boldly Clean

Ballsy B2 Trimmer Combo with Sack Pack and more. $242.99 Value

Ballsy B2 Trimmer Combo with Sack Pack and more. $242.99 Value

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Ballsy B2 Groin & Body Trimmer for Men, Includes 2 Quick Change Heads, Waterproof, Cordless Charging Base for The Ultimate Close Shave.  

Plus all the extras! $242.99 Total Retail Value

You get the B2 Trimmer an $83.99 Value
The Sack Pack, Ballwash, Sack Spray and Bourbon & Barrel Nut Rub $45 Value 
Two Bags of Quickys Ball Wipes $34 Value
Two 1/2 Pound Bars of Ballsy Soap $20 Value
Liquid Courage Citrus & Cedar Body Wash $15 Value
Four Additional Nut Rubs (Solid Cologne)  4 Great Scents, Citrus & Cedar, Forest & Fields, Drift & Dunes and Ocean & Air. $45 Value. 
In case your not familiar with Nut Rubs, they are actually solid cologne you can put anywhere on the outside of your body, however, don't put these anywhere that's considered inside your body. Of course they are safe enough to use on your nuts too. They are formulated with Bees Wax and help prevent chafing in the "downtown areas". 
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One: Quick change, interchangeable heads for easily trimming different areas of your body and also keeping your privates trimmer away from your face
  • Vertical Head: Our unique vertical head design makes it easier to trim hard-to-reach areas, groin grooming becomes a breeze
  • Smooth All Over: Picture an open bottle of bourbon, pizza in the oven, dog sleeping by the fireplace; Now add in a Ballsy Body and Groin Trimmer and your favorite playlist; Soft subtle sound of buzzing in the air and the smoothest of results
  • Designed with You in Mind: Downstairs safe blades to eliminate nicks, cuts and snags; Go ahead, take it in the shower; our trimmer was made waterproof so you can use it conveniently dry or in the shower
  • Get the Boys a Tool as Powerful as the Man: The B2 Body and Groin Trimmer comes with a 7000 RPM Electric Motor and cordless charging base; the buzzing in the bathroom is no longer a mystery
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